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We Must Demand Better

by Jackie Hook on 20 March, 2019

Below a selection of today’s headlines from the news update I get each day from the Local Government Association. I look most days and there is a selection of good and bad news stories, but looking at todays , I couldn’t help but think what has gone wrong in our country to generate those shockingly depressing headlines. Of course there will be multiple factors, but I can’t help but conclude that most of these issues would have been tackled better with more government funding and more compassionate caring politicians in charge of our country and Councils.

It’s easy to be fed up with politics at the moment, but it is us the electors who decide who are the people that will be making the decisions about these and other important issues. On May 2nd you have a chance to elect the Cllrs that will be making the decisions about issues important to you eg. planning and housing in the town, waste, litter ,recycling etc. Whichever Party has the most Cllrs elected on May 2nd, will be making the decisions for you for the next 4 years. You can impact on the headlines locally, let’s together try and make some good headlines over the next 4 years by electing a Council and Cllrs that care.

Councils face legal threat over failure to tackle diesel fumes

Drug Gangs Fuel Rise in Children Forced into modern slavery

Child obesity could bankrupt the NHS

1.5 million aged 50 and over suffer from chronic loneliness

Police are failing to protect domestic abuse victims

Social media failing to remove graphic self-harm images

Bristol mayor defends pay-out to chief executive

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