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Highweek Experimental Traffic Order and Other Updates

by jackiebrodie on 27 December, 2017

2017 has been a bit of a whirlwind year for me, what with being elected as County Councillor in May and then married in November, hardly time for my feet to touch the ground. No signs of any let up in the pace of work for 2018, but that’s the way I like it. A few current updates below.

First, the operation of the Highweek Experimental Traffic Order does not seem to be going entirely smoothly, although some Whitehill Close residents, at least, are enjoying the peace and quiet, free from vehicles rat running. One of the biggest issues, although not the only one, has been the level of abuse of the one way section in Pitt Hill Rd, with drivers, many of them local, going against the new one way. Signage is to be improved to alert drivers to this section, and the Police have attended once and will attend again, next time to prosecute not to advise, if the abuse continues. They have stated that an accident will occur if drivers continue to ignore the one way. If you have comments on the operation of the Experimental Traffic Order then please let me have them. It is experimental and can be tweaked, or indeed abandoned in part, or in total, but your feedback is crucial. As an aside, this is not the only one way section of road that is flouted on a regular basis by drivers, Oak Place in the town centre is another. Being a bit of an idealist, I sometimes imagine a world where all car drivers obeyed the rules of the road, and think of all the lives and injuries that would be saved, crashes that could be avoided, the traffic calming that wouldn’t be needed, the Police and Enforcement Officer time and money that could be saved. Alas, we don’t live in that world, and a huge amount of precious time, energy and money (including all our insurance premiums being hiked up) is used trying to get people, who would claim they were law abiding citizens, to use patience, care and tolerance to others, and stick to the law, when behind the wheel. I guess that will remain an idealistic dream!!
Some planning updates. You will have noticed the Linden’s noticeboard go up on the Whitehill site. However, they are currently submitting amended plans for consideration by the Planning Department, which will be available for public comment in the New Year. They do of course already have planning permission for one scheme, but these amendments are to a previous undetermined application.
After a long campaign, construction of the Hele Park footway extension along Ashburton Rd begins on Jan 8th and is due to take 4/5 weeks, traffic will be down to single lane with a temporary footway provided.
In Bushell Ward, Aldi have now been given the go ahead by planners, after outstanding design and employment land issues have been resolved. I was disappointed that permission was granted for Aldi earlier in 2017, my feeling was that the site should have remained as an employment site with Teignbridge District Council possibly buying and investing in its future use for employment. A planning application has been submitted for the Seymour Horwell (near Asda) site for 38 retirement apartments with retail at ground-floor level. You can comment online or in writing to the Council using planning application number 17/02715/MAJ.
Finally, our (myself, Gordon Hook and the Town Council) application for money from Devon County Council’s Community Enhancement Fund was successful and we will be purchasing tools and equipment, to get out and tidy up the town. We are open to requests for an area near you that needs tidying. I know there are plenty such areas!! Ideally you and some others may join us in your local area, and we can make it a community effort. Our first such tidy up, will start from Sherborne Rd Car Park on Sunday Jan 14th, meet at 2pm. We will be concentrating on litter picking and weed/vegetation clearance from pavements and road signs, in the town centre. Please join us, and if you feel you may have a bit of spare time to coordinate the scheme as a whole and manage volunteers and tasks, then please get in touch.

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